"Morie, blessed with a smokey, melodic voice creates a visceral experience for the listener. But it was her dreamy and timely - and, dare one say, sexy - work with the flute that carried one out of themselves. Whether Brenda considers her primary forte to be her singing or her flute playing, but I give her an "A" on both scores. Anybody who relishes a smooth, cool, upbeat jazz sound and a highly appealing voice with polished phrasing can't go wrong. Let's hope this is but the first of a very long line of her CDs. Add in her smooth, precise "in the pocket" guitar rhythms while playing haunting harmonica during her live shows what more does one need?”


Time, Place and Circumstance

Hi There! My name is Brenda Morie. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and music educator who has come full circle, now back in my homeland where I am reinventing myself once again after years in the USA and Asia. I love to perform, share and teach music to all ages while I continue working in the educational field offering my skills and talents to our young promising youth. Collaboration is a must for me. The value of mentorship in various kinds of creative endeavors with both fellow musicians and students was and still is vital to me.

To date I have co-written and performed on multiple albums released worldwide, recorded a Contemporary Jazz CD, produced a Children’s CD to help raise awareness for school age children here in North America so they too can use their voice to make a difference globally. The experience took me to Kenya, Africa where I was able to witness first-hand the difference it made. My voice and flute have been featured in commercials, both radio and television, motion pictures as well as on student films submitted and nominated to festivals. I studied Sound Design and Film Studies at a leading Arts School in the US. I performed in front of 50,000 attendees at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, as well as performed for multiple Jazz Festivals and Jazz Societies throughout the US. In Asia I had the opportunity to perform and teach music to many local and international families for almost two years. All these windows of opportunities reinforced how universal the language of music really is.

One of the many highlights throughout my career was being managed by Eric Braunn, formerly of Iron Butterfly, who introduced me to David A. Braun, a renowned music lawyer and former Polygram CEO President, who advised artists like Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson's "Thriller"deal. Braun left Polygram to return to law, believed in me enough to have one of my earlier demos hand-delivered to three major record companies. Working with bassist, George Scheck, formerly of Edgar Winter’s White Trash Band, Michael Moody, guitarist for Wild Cherry, Guy Perry, bassist for The Motels, Ben Tucker, bassists for Peggy Lee, Quincy Jones as well as the songwriter of “Comin Home Baby”. I will never forget how thrilling it was to perform that tune on stage with him, just as he had recorded it with Herbie Mann, one of my favorite flutists. Recording and touring with Chet McCracken and being part of one of Nancy Sinatra’s tours brought me much joy as well as many challenges musically. Sharing stages with such greatness like Dionne Warrick, to pop artist like Ricky Martin, UB40, Britney Spears, I could have never imagined. I haven't mentioned everyone but what a treat it was to have had the opportunity to not only meet but play with so many talented musicians!

I love to tour and work in many capacities including as a guitar/vocal soloist and various ensemble sizes. One of the most important things that I’ve learned from touring is the value of giving back. I learned to embrace how home can be wherever the heart is. My music and small successes are very much tied to the people who have supported my career and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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